Every month on the 25th, we will post content for the next month. We will post new social media posts for each day with captions, a handful of Stories for use on Instagram and Facebook to increase engagement, a social media calendar to take the guesswork out of marketing, new templates for the month, as well as additional content and templates for you to use.

Log in with your username and password, and this will bring you to the Member’s Content Page.

On your computer, tablet, or phone, click the image and download to your device. Highlight the caption and copy. On Instagram or Facebook, simply upload your image, paste your text, and post! You can also use the template button to download the content into Canva for you to customize and download from there. 

All our templates are housed on Canva.com, and you will need a free account with Canva to access them. You do not need a paid account. Once you have set up your free account, log in to your member account and go to templates. Click on the template you would like to use. It will open up the template in Canva.com for you to customize. Once you have customized it with your own text and images, download the image to your device to post. You can also link your Facebook and/or Instagram pages to post directly from Canva.com. Canva also has an app, so you can use it on your phone. Some images may be premium Canva images requesting you purchase them. Simply change them to a free photo or one of your own if you do not want to purchase it or download the ready-to-use image from our site.

The captions can be used in their entirety or modified for your specific market. You are welcome to simply copy and paste over the captions word for words or customize them any way you like.

You are welcome to use the content in any way you see fit for your business. If you do not like certain content for your brand, you are not obligated to use it. However, because you have access to all the content, there is no discount on the subscription price. 

New content will be posted by the 25th of the month for the following month. For example, the new content for June will be posted on May 25th

No. When you sign up, you will be provided a link to log in and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts yourself. We do not keep any account login information on file. 

With our premium membership, we customize our daily content with your logos, photos, and color scheme. New content is released for the following month on the 25th of the month, so you will receive a proof of your content typically by the 27th for review and approval. Once your content has been approved, we will schedule it for you to your Facebook and Instagram.

You will be charged for your subscription monthly based on when you signed up.

There is no contract, and you are eligible to cancel your subscription at any time. You must cancel before your subscription renews, otherwise you will be charged for the following month as you will retain access.

Because you will have access to the entire month’s social media content on the 25th of the preceding month, you must cancel before your subscription renews. If you do not cancel by your renewal date, you will retain access to all the content, and therefore, will be charged your subscription fee. 

All the social media content are designed exclusively by, captioned by, and owned by That Captivating Social.

We do recognize that real estate is different across state lines, and we know there will be times where a particular post may not be right or relevant to your market. However, we will strive to make content that will work for everyone.

Please email us at admin@thatcaptivatingsocial.com with your suggestions. We are always looking for the best way to serve you and new content to produce.

No, your paid subscription is for your use only. If anyone is found to be breaking these terms, proper legal action will be taken. We do offer multi-license plans if you want to purchase together. 

No, your paid subscription is for your use only. Each agent will need their own account. We do offer multi-license plans for brokerages. 

If you are looking for a multi-license package above 10 licenses, please email us at info@thatcaptivatingsocial.com for pricing.

Yes, we do offer Social Media Management. Please email us at info@thatcaptivatingsocial.com for pricing.