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Home for the Holidays: Why the Holidays Can Still Be a Great Time to Buy or Sell

Most think of spring as the “selling season” when it come to real estate, but the holiday season can be a great time to buy or sell a home. It’s a time when people are often looking to make a change, whether it’s to start fresh in a new home or to downsize and simplify their lives. Plus, there are many advantages for buyers and sellers alike.

  1. Emotions run high during the holiday season.

During the holiday season, emotions run high. People are thinking about family, traditions, and the memories they’ve created in their homes. This can make it an ideal time for buyers to find a home that really resonates with them. As a seller, you can use this time and capitalize on emotion by showcasing your home with a warm and welcoming feel.

  1. The holiday season can be a slow time for real estate.

While the holiday season can be a slow time for real estate, it can also work to your advantage as a buyer or seller. With fewer homes on the market, you have less competition as both a buyer and seller, which could result in a better deal for buyers and a quicker sale for sellers.

  1. It’s a time when people have time off work

The holiday season is also a time when many people have time off work, making it an ideal time for them to schedule home viewings, meet with lenders, and take care of other real estate-related tasks. As your real estate agent, I can make myself available during this time to accommodate your schedule and help you achieve your real estate goals before the end of the year.

4. Tax benefits for closing before the end of the year.

Closing on a home before December 31 can provide tax benefits for buyers and sellers. For example, if you purchase a home before the end of the year, you may be able to deduct your mortgage interest and property taxes on your tax return. 

Ultimately, the right season to buy or sell is when you are ready for it. If that means during the holiday season, I’ll be here to help guide you every step of the way!