Starting the home search can be so exciting! You are probably daydreaming of tall, tray ceilings with huge windows and tons of light. You can’t wait for that chef-inspired kitchen with the luxury appliances and an island worth of its own spot on a map. And what about those showers you will take in oversized, spa-like master bath with the rainfall shower head and one of those Moen dials that let’s you set the temperature just like you saw in that model home. 

Yes, those are amazing things to dream about, but we need to come back down to reality for a bit. Unless you have a limitless budge, it’s pretty hard to find the perfect home, dare I say impossible. This is why it is imperative to have a list of your wants AND your needs. 

But what is the difference?

Well, you want a 10 minute commute to work, but you need it to be at least within 30 minutes.

You want 4 bedroom home so you can have room for each kid and a guest room, but you need a 3 bedroom home (let’s be honest, do you really want guest staying with you?).

You want a huge backyard, but you really need to stay in the school district for your kids.

Be very clear on these wants and needs, and make sure you don’t overlook a need just because a home has one of your big wants. That home theater in the basement may be everything you have ever dreamed of, but it won’t replace the headache of having to commute 30 minutes to take your kids to school. 

Take some time to prepare this and be open and honest about these things with your real estate agent.