Alright, I’ve gotten you excited about homeownership and all it’s benefits, but it is time for you to finally take the plunge?

As we talked about before, it is no secret that the benefits of owning a home far outweigh those of renting in the long run. And while those sound absolutely fantastic, does that mean are you really ready to make that commitment? 

Let’s face it. It isn’t just about the financial commitment. Buying a home is also a very emotional decision. So before you start home shopping, take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Can I afford to buy a home? Take a look at your big financial picture. Do you have enough money saved up to afford the downpayment, closing costs, and maintenance? How does your DTI (debt to income) look? If you are already living month-to-month because of debt, taking on a new commitment might not be the best option. 
  1. Are you ready to put some roots down? Buying a home is a long-term decision, so you want to make sure you are ready to commit to staying in one place for at least the next few years.
  1. Are you happy with your current job? Lenders want to see stability when you are making such a big purchase, so make sure you are happy where you are.
  1. Do you really want to buy a home? Is this something you really desire, or are you just doing it because everyone else is or tells you to? This is a big decision, and the only thing that matters is how you feel about it.

If you have answered yes to all these questions, you are ready to go, my friend! Next step is for us to chat about your time frame. 

And don’t forget to follow along as we talk about the next steps!