Working from home is the new normal for many Americans, but many of us weren’t thinking we were going to need a home office when we bought our current home. We have resigned to using the kitchen table, the coffee table, or our nightstand for our current office space. But regardless of whether you have a designated space at home or not, you can make this space work for you. 


You may not have a room with four walls and a door to call your office these days, but you need to commit to a space for your home office. Designating a spot will help you stay in your routine and keep your mindset focused. 


If your home office is at the same kitchen table where everyone leaves their junk, it’s going to make it difficult to stay organized. Now that you have committed to your space, make sure it is decluttered and dedicated to work.

Check that Background

If Zoom calls have become apart of your daily routine, then you need to take a second and check the background of your new home office. Do you have a pile of unfolded laundry sitting on the bed or maybe a shelf of empty wine bottles? Keep those areas clear so you are already if you need to hop on a call. 

Set the Mood

Working from home can make it difficult to stay on task, so set the mood to help you stay focused. Make sure you have lots of natural light shining in, put on that hype music in the background, and light that candle that they don’t allow you to have at the office!

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