Affordable AI Apps that won’t Break the Bank

In today’s competitive real estate landscape, harnessing the power of artificial intelligencecan be a game-changer for agents looking to streamline their processes, engage with clients, and create captivating content. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly AI tools available that cater to various aspects of your real estate business, so no matter whether you are new to the business or in the multi-million dollar club, there is something for you!

ChatGPT: AI Chatbot for Website Engagement

Pricing: ChatGPT offers a free plan with basic features, and premium plans start at $20 per month.

How Agents Can Use It: Real estate agents can integrate ChatGPT’s AI chatbot into their website to engage with visitors, answer questions, and capture leads in real-time. It provides 24/7 customer support and lead generation capabilities.

Zapier: Automation Hub for Real Estate Workflows

Pricing: Zapier offers a free plan with limited features and premium plans starting at $19.99 per month.

How Agents Can Use It: Zapier serves as your personal automation assistant, helping you save time, reduce manual data entry, and ensure that leads are nurtured and followed up on consistently. Automate lead management by creating “Zaps” that connect your lead generation tools, CRM, and email marketing platforms. For example, when a new lead is captured, Zapier can automatically add their information to your CRM and trigger a follow-up email sequence.

Lumen5: AI-Powered Video Creation

Pricing: Lumen5 offers a free plan with basic features, and paid plans start at $29 per month.

How Agents Can Use It: Lumen5 uses AI to transform text-based content into engaging videos. Agents can use it to create property listing videos, market updates, or informative video content for social media.

And the Best Tool of All…

That Captivating Agent: Marketing Done for You

Pricing: That Captivating Agent plans start at $29 per month, with savings on semi-annual and annual plans. 

Get your first month for just $10 with code FIRST10.

How Agents Can Use It: That Captivating Agent provides thousands of marketing templates that you can customize in Canva saving you hours every week. TCA also provides the Marketing Blueprint which lays out your entire marketing plan for the year.

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