One of the easiest ways to add character to your room or spice up a large blank space is to add an accent wall. While it might seem a little overwhelming to a beginner, there are plenty of ideas that you can easily replicate yourself. Here are just a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing…

  1. Shiplap. While some may think the shiplap trend is on its way out the door, we are still seeing this in interior design. It is appealing to the eye due to the clean lines but intrigue that it adds. DIY this with primed shiplap boards from your local hardware store, a nail gun, and some paint. 
  2. Plank Wall. Gone are the days of repurposing old pallets into a reclaimed pallet wall. Now all you need to do is purchases a few boxes of faux wood plank at the hardware store and some glue. No splinters needed.
  3. Faux Brick Wall. Whether you are opting for the industrial look or a nod to the farmhouse trend, you can create a brick wall in your home yourself for less that $100 depending on the size of the way. You can purchase faux brick panels that attach to the wall with a nail gun. Add that German schmear look with some cheap spackling or drywall patch.
  4. Wallpaper. Surprisingly this is making a comeback in interior design! You can find peel and stick wallpaper at places like Target and Amazon to quickly add your style to any wall. Make sure you sand down any texture first for better adherence. 
  5. Modern Wood Design. One of my favorite trends is the modern wood wall designs. Using thin pieces of wood, you can create a herringbone design, crisp lines, or a unique design all your own. Attach the word with a nail gun and be sure to caulk the seams before painting. 

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