Your head is now spinning from all the homes that you have toured. You are pretty sure that you have found the ONE. But now the gravity of the situation has now settled upon you, and you are starting to question everything. Don’t worry – this is completely normal. So how do you know this is truly the one?

Here are some pretty good “green flags”:

  • It checks all the NEEDS boxes.
  • You cannot stop thinking about it.
  • You have already told your friends and family about it. 
  • You compared every other home you see to this one. 
  • You keep looking at all the photos over and over again. 
  • You have already arranged all your furniture in it in your mind. 
  • You have already talked about your first Christmas there. 
  • You’ve driven by the house about 12 times since your showing. 

If you find yourself here, it is a pretty good indicator that you have found the one. To sum it up, no one else can tell you which house is the one, and when you know, you really do just know.