Now that you have your list, you are ready to start seeing some of these houses! 

Touring homes can be both exhilarating and scary. It is easy to let your emotions take control, so before you step foot in a house, keep these touring tips in mind. 

  1. Before you head out for showings, review your needs and wants list. Keeping these things in mind will help you determine more quickly if this home will work for you.
  2. Take your time during your showing. It’s okay to check out the kitchen more than once. This is a big decision. 
  3. Take photos. It can be tough to remember all the details once you have left the showing. So take pictures to help jog your memory when you sit down to review them.
  4. Do not let staging, decor, or paint colors distract you. All the staging and decor will be gone when you move in and paint colors can easily be changed. So do not let these things overshadow what really matters. 
  5. Remember location, location, location. You can change paint colors and even knock down walls, but you cannot change the location of the home.