You’ve decided that it is time to sell. To make sure you get the most for your home and have a successful sale, it is imperative that you prep your home for the market. Before you schedule those photos and make your plan for that first week of showings, there are some things that you should take care of.

Tackle Maintenance. Unless they are looking for a property to invest into, most buyers are looking for homes without problems. In fact, avoiding plumbing, electrical, and other maintenance problems is the number one reason those that buy new construction do so, and buyers, in my experience, tend to overestimate the cost of such maintenance issues. It also causes them to look at the home with even more of a magnifying glass thinking, “If they overlooked taking care of this, what else did they miss?”

Have you neglected to change out any filters? Have a leak you’ve been putting off? Have caulk that is in dire need of a refresh? Take a weekend before you list your house and tackle some of these issues.

Clean Up Landscaping. The front of your home is the first impression that buyers will get of your property, and you want to make it great. Weeds, leaves, and overgrown grass won’t send the message, “You have to buy this house!” So prior to listing, make sure you mow the grass, pick up any leaves or dead foliage, and spray some weed killer. 

Power Wash or Paint the Front Door. Before they enter your home, buyers are going to get a minute or so just standing at the door while their agent opens the lockbox. They will have time to look around and size up the property. Make sure you have power washed all those cobwebs off and maybe even give the front door a new coat of paint.

Declutter. You are planning on moving soon, so why not get to packing. The one thing all model homes have in common is that they are free from clutter. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in your home, and they can’t do that if your stuff is everywhere. So minimize your closets and keep out only the clothes you need. Clear off the countertops of anything that isn’t strictly for decoration. Pack it all nicely in boxes and set it in your garage.

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