Building a home can be an exciting adventure. Not only is everything brand new, but you get to pick the layout, the design elements, and the location. However, if you are thnking about building a home in the future, there are many questions you need to consider asking your builder. 

  1. How Long Will It Take to Build? 

Unlike a traditional purchase, the building of a home will take months, sometimes over a year to be completed. Most builders will require a deposit upfront to hold the property for you, and many ask that your home be on the market for sale before the home is even complete. Make sure you know what their expectations of the timeframe are and if it is doable for you.

2. How Long Will Construction Be on the Community? 

Many new construction homeowners complain about the constant construction around them when they move into their new home. With a brand new home comes this trade off sometimes. If you are in the beginning phases of a development, the build out time could be months or years. Ask how long you will be living amongst construction.

3. What Kind of Warranties Does the Builder Offer? 

Builders typically offer a few different warranties with different timeframes. For example, they may cover the whole home including fixtures, appliances, electrical for one year, and the structure of the home for 10 years. Get clarification on what warranties they offer with your build.

4. What is Included? What is Considered an Upgrade? 

Before you go picking out top of the line quartz and the plushest carpet, make sure you know what is included in the base price of the home and what is considered an upgrade. The base price may be reasonable, but the design room is where that price can skyrocket.

5. Is the Cost of the Lot Included? 

Some builders include the lot in the purchase, some offer lots at a premium, and some require you to purchase your own lot. 

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