Let’s talk about how to make your listings a lead generation magnet!

I was told once that as soon as you close a deal as a real estate agent you are once again unemployed. So it should stand to reason that we should take every opportunity to generate leads to keep us employed, right?

However, I think so many of us agents focus on the paycheck at the end of a listing and forget all the things we could be doing throughout.

I am part of a Facebook group called LabCoat Agents. This group is real estate agents from literally all over the world and is kind of a place for them to come together, ask questions, get advice, and sometimes just vent. 

Well, the other day an agent posted, and he was complaining about a client. The client was purchasing a multi million dollar property with him, and he asked his agent to sell one of his $125,000 properties for 1%. We can all do the math on that – $1250.

Now, I get it that’s not a lot of money, and he was hesitant to do it. He wanted others to help him justify a “NO” answer to his client. (Now we aren’t going to go into the argument that he would be making bank on the flip side of this deal, but that is a valid argument). Instead, I actually want to come at this from a marketing perspective, and talk about why he should say “yes”. Because at the end of the day, you can actually taken a listing and turn it into lead generation basically for free!

We’re gonna break this down into three different segments – your just listed activities, your open house activities, and your just sold activities – and in each of these segments, I am going to give you you three different activities that you could be doing to generate leads. Are you ready for this?

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