Congratulations! You have a new listing! Now let’s talk about the three things that you should be doing RIGHT NOW to start building up that pipeline. 

Post on Social Media

First, use a social media template showcase your just listed on social media. Everyone likes to be nosy at look at houses, even if they aren’t planning to buy, so this can strike up some real conversation. Bonus points – ask ,”Are you thinking about selling?” and then offer a sellers guide in exchange for their information.

The Flyer

Number two is the flyer. Yes, I know this doesn’t seem like a lead generation idea, but stick with me. First of all, those flyers are your first presentation to any potential seller or buyer. It tells them a lot about how you handle your business.  Next, add a QR code to the bottom of your flyer. Maybe this isn’t the home that they are looking for, but you have prepped a whole list of other active homes just like it that you can give them – in exchange for their contact information! 

Just Sold Postcard

Finally – Just Listed postcards. You don’t necessarily need to send these out to the entire neighborhood, but you want to hit those nosy neighbors that are keeping a close watch and might be considering selling their home too. (And don’t worry, we’re gonna follow up after its sold too). 

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