If you are like me, you probably love to decorate for the holidays. However, if you are selling during the holidays, some decor can seem cluttered.

If you are wanting to decorate while selling, it is best to keep the decor as neutral and simple as possible. So here a few easy and inexpensive tips to help bring the beauty of the season to your home while seamlessly fitting in with your current home design. 

White Pumpkins, White Trees, and Snowflakes – White or other monochrome accents are a neutral item that can pair with any home décor. You can usually find these accents anywhere, or you can always head over to your local dollar store and find cheap nicknacks to spray paint over. They are perfect addition to shelves or mantles without being too gaudy.

Fall leaves and Pinecones – You usually don’t see many of these in home design until the fall and winter holidays roll around, but red, orange, and yellow definitely don’t go with the rest of my house. So back to the dollar store we go! You can pick up leave picks and pinecones at the dollar store (or even your local craft store) for just a few dollars. Grab a can of spray paint that matches your current home colors, or continue on with the neutral tones, for the leaves and switch them out to pinecones once December hits.

Sprigs of Pine – Wrapping your mantle in garland can be so beautiful during the holiday season, but it can be a little much for potential buyers. Instead, opt for sprigs of pine throughout the home.

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