Winter is right around the corner, so now is the time to get your home ready. Here are some things you should be doing this time of year.

Switch your ceiling fan rotation. Having your ceiling fans moving in a clockwise direction will create an updraft that forces hot air to circulate throughout the room rather than being trapped in the rafters. 

Seal your windows and doors. Take the time to caulk around windows and doors and apply weather stripping whenever necessary. This will help ensure your home is protected not only from water getting in but also cold air seeping into your home. 

Have your chimney inspected. Having your chimney inspected and swept before your first fire reduces your risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Trim your trees. Make sure you have any dead branches or limbs that hang close to your home and power lines removed so that they don’t break off and cause damage under the weight of snow and ice. 

Check for leaks. Disconnect exterior hoses, drain all spigots, and engage the shut-off valve within your home for the exterior to prevent broker water pipes. 

Service your furnace. Make sure that all components are properly cleaned and working effectively. No one wants to have their furnace go out in the dead of winter. 

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