You’ve sold your listing! YAY!

Now, hold up, before you just move onto the next thing, and let’s do a little more lead generation work with this property. 

Social Media AGAIN

I mentioned it before in both the just listed and the open house activities, but make sure that you put a social media template together for your Just Sold. If you can, opt for a picture of your clients, a story about how you made a dream come true, or an example of a problem you overcame in the transaction. Stories are much more interesting than a simple “Just Sold.” Make it interesting. 

( And don’t forget to ask, “Are you thinking about buying or selling?” And offer a free guide.)

Just Sold Postcard

Now it’s time to follow up with those nosy neighbors. Make sure you send these to the exact same people that your Just Listed cards went to. We are going for multiple touches here. Don’t forget to tell them exactly what you did to get that property sold and how you went above and beyond. Make it stand out.

CMA Packets

Prepare CMAs for the neighbors! Now I’m not talking about all the neighbors –  that’s a lot of work. But pick the ones that are closest, maybe pick neighbors that have lived there over 5 years and prepare quick CMA for each of those homes. If they weren’t thinking of selling, this may change their mind. 

Make sure that you’re following up with everyone you have gotten contact information for. Put them on a drip campaign, set up automatic MLS searches for them, and connect with them on social media. It’s time to start turning these leads into clients. 

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