Photos will be the VERY FIRST impression that buyers will get of your home. Most everyone these days begins their home search online, browsing through photos. Between all the houses, they can start to blend together, so it stands to reason that you want the best photos possible that will stop them in their tracks.

This starts with a great photographer, so it is key to make sure that your agent hires a professional to take the listing photos rather than using a mobile phone or personal camera.

But your part is just as crucial, and that is preparing your home for photos. You don’t need to hire an interior design or get a stager involved (if you don’t want to), but you will want to be intentional about how you prep your home before photos.

Use this checklist to help make your home HGTV photo-worthy!

The Kitchen

  • Clear the countertops of all non-decorative items.
  • Remove all magnets, photos, and artwork from your refrigerator. 
  • Wipe down the sink, particularly stainless steel ones.

The Bathrooms

  • Clear the countertops of all non-decorative items.
  • Remove all shampoos and soaps from the shower area.
  • Ensure all toilet seats are down and toilet paper is filled.

The Living Areas

  • Remove any seasonal, religious, or political decor.
  • Remove all personal items and minimize family photos.
  • Ensure all toys are put away.

The Yard

  • Make sure the grass is freshly cut and the landscaping is trimmed.
  • Put away flags, hoses, pool equipment, etc.
  • Ensure all pet waste is removed from the yard.


  • Turn on all lights, including lamps, and open all curtains.
  • Put away all pet items including food and water bowls.
  • Ensure no vehicle are parked in front of the house.

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